Functional Evaluations
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What is Functional Evaluation?
Functional Evaluations (FE) is a structured process of observing and measuring an individual’s deficiencies. The individual performs a FE in order to identify potential performance deficits, safety issues, functional abilities, strengths, skills, and capacity to perform specific daily function-related tasks.

The purpose of a Functional Evaluation is to provide the physician with a baseline and follow up data report evaluation. This is done by using the information gathered from a patient’s tested ability to reliably and safely sustain specified daily tasks. This assessment is undertaken with respect to the aforementioned patient’s abilities, which have been identified by either a physician or referral source.

The evaluation takes a kinesiophysical approach, i.e. the study of physical muscle and movement. Therefore, the test focuses on how muscle, joint function, and joint-specific range of motion impact a patient's ability to do his/her daily activities. This approach allows the evaluator to use kinesiological and medical knowledge, rather than subjectivity, to determine an individual's maximal, safe functional abilities.

“A true Functional Evaluation is composed of several components: ROM, Muscle Testing, NIOSH Testing, Heart Rate Evaluation, Pinch Grip Testing, Hand Grip Testing, and Functional Pain Assessments“

Functional Evaluations (FE's) are the best tool to evaluate Evidence-Based Medicine, as related to human performance. It applies to their functional abilities to:
  • Move the Body in Space
  • Negotiate Weight
  • Grasp
  • Perform Work Tasks
  • Achieve Dynamic and Static Postures
The Functional Evaluation can demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment and/or intervention strategies. This can be an effective tool for:
  • Identifying Goals
  • Treatment Plans
  • Effectiveness
  • Can Support Further Care
  • Need for Referral
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