Functional Evaluations
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Benefits of a Functional Evaluation

  1. Objective Evidence Based Medicine
  2. Quantify Positive Patient Response
  3. Qualify Variances
  4. Legally Defensible Documentation for Litigation
  5. Third Party Objective Documentation for
    Insurance Carriers
  6. Establish Medical Necessity for Treatment
  7. Track Patient Progress
  8. Increase Patient Retention
  9. Locate Functional Deficits
  10. Identify Nerve Injuries
  11. Identify Impairment Rating
  12. Aide in Identifying Disability Ratings
  13. Detailed Whole-body Pain Chart
  14. Whole Person Impairment
  15. Regional Impairment
  16. Quantify Muscle Weakness
  17. Quantify Loss of Range of Motion
  18. Quantify Rehabilitation Improvement
  19. Aide in Facilitation of Current Goal-Setting
  20. Aide in Treatment Design to Determine Proper
    Path of Care
  21. Aide in the Development of a more Precise
    Method of Diagnosing Patient’s Injury and/or
  22. Non-Invasive & Patient Friendly
  23. Facilitates Proper and Efficient Treatment
  24. To Support Objective Findings
  25. To Dispute Other Findings
  26. Potential Assistance in Identifying Possible
  27. The Information Provided is Objective-
    Describing the Patient at his/her Highest Level of
    Productivity Based on Physical Strength
    and Endurance
  28. The Evaluation is Not Restricted By Self-Imposed Behaviors
  29. Based on True Physical Ability
  30. Documentation Made if Patient
    does not Perform Evaluation With Maximum Effort
  31. Aide in the Placement of Patient at the safest
    Level of Work
  32. Understanding of what Activities are
    Beyond his/her Physical Abilities, while Permitting the Highest Level
    of Function Possible
  33. Ability to Determine the Physical Capabilities of the Patient:
    1. Allows him/her to Return to Work
    2. Indicates Rehabilitation (Work Hardening)
    3. Job Site Modification
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