Functional Evaluations
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An Innovative Application of
a Proven Functional Diagnostic Technology
  • Objective Evidence-Based Medicine

  • Establish Medical Necessity for Treatment

  • Track Patient Progress

  • Quantify Positive Patient Response

  • Qualify Variances

  • Legally Defensible Documentation for Litigation
Functional Evaluation Testing

Functional Diagnostic Testing


We would like to introduce you to our computerized Functional Evaluation Services provided by The purpose of a Functional Evaluation is to evaluate the beginning stages of your patient’s care and then track your patient’s progress throughout all subsequent stages of care. This test will help you evaluate whether or not a patient’s treatment plan is effective, or if it needs to be modified.

We provide a mobile service by sending one of our Technologists to your office to perform the evaluation. Using our patented custom software, this data will provide you with comprehensive graphic and textual reports. This will enable you to objectively support the patient’s diagnosis, provide information for deposition reports, and assist you in providing disability ratings.

The Objective Truth provides data reports that allow you to make medically necessary decisions based on the patient’s best interest. With patented technology, can objectively identify when an individual is misrepresenting their true physical abilities with a high level of confidence. After a decade of research and development, a panel of leading independent medical experts has agreed that offers an unprecedented tool for making these important determinations.

Superior Protocol

We guarantee each Functional Evaluation achieves the highest standard of excellence. Our dedicated full-time staff has received the most extensive training currently available for Functional Evaluations. Our computerized system applies technology to the standardized tests. This provides an increase in reliability, as well as ease of evaluator reporting. We deploy our exclusive technology--the only technology proven in thousands of examinations from our research--to deliver the most accurate information for sound claims and better decision making.

Valuable Results

Functional Evaluations are an excellent means of quantifying the effectiveness of treatment. Our diagnostic reports are a great resource for documentation. They serve in providing an accurate diagnosis of a patient’s problem area(s), as well as an objective viewpoint for baseline and ongoing patient status. The value derived from Functional Evaluation testing is immeasurable.

Convenience of In-Office Testing

Physicians recognize the importance of Functional Evaluation testing in their offices but may be concerned with the negative reputation associated with non-professional “medical providers.” We are committed to providing physicians with top-tier Functional Evaluation testing, while maintaining unmatched quality of patient care. No matter where you are located, will bring our testing services to your office. On-site testing serves as a convenience for physicians, as well as patients. These tests are non-invasive and patient friendly. Patients are, and should remain, our top priority.

Experience & Reputation

Since 2001, we have continued to deliver the most objective and comprehensive functional testing available. Our reputation is most important. We do not provide any other service that could compromise the integrity of our evaluations. We are dedicated to providing Functional Evaluation Services with the most advanced technologies and research available. We stake our reputation on each Functional Evaluation we perform.

Critical Information

To appropriately adjudicate a claim it is essential to use a Functional Evaluation that provides an accurate and unbiased clinical understanding of a patient’s true physical ability. Without this objective information inappropriate claim decisions may result in an increased loss of time, unnecessary treatment, and an opportunity to abuse the claims process. This is unacceptable for all parties who expect an equitable resolution of a claim.

Legally Defensible

If it is not defensible, do not use it. With over a decade of research and development our technology delivers a defensible Functional Evaluation which consistently proves itself in the most litigious jurisdictions in the United States. This technology has been identified by and upheld in the court system.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule testing, please call (866) 335-4040.
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