Functional Evaluations
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Why Order a Functional Evaluation?
1. To Provide Objective Documentation by:
  • Quantifying Muscle Weakness
  • Quantifying Range of Motion
  • Identifying Nerve Injuries
  • Quantifying Rehabilitation Improvement
2. To Substantiate Treatment with Medical Necessity by:
  • Establishing Medical Necessity for Treatment
  • Identifying Impairment Rating
  • Locating Functional Deficits
3. Baseline Study:
  • Determines the specific muscle and/or nerve root functional losses
  • Helps the physician determine the effectiveness of a patient’s treatment plan by comparing the results with follow-up testing
4. Track Patient Progress:
  • The FE is a great tool to track a patient’s progress and/or regression through their treatment plan by gathering specific and detailed functional results
5. 3 Reasons to Order a Functional Evaluation
  • To improve the likelihood that the injured patient will be able to perform daily functional tasks
  • To assist the patient with improving role performance through identification of functional decrements so that they may be resolved or worked around. Health care professionals use this information to triage patients into proper treatment programs and to measure treatment progress
  • To determine the presence and, if present, the level of impairment

Who Benefits From a FE?
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